Puffy Eye Attack

This mama is tired…a lot. I was not born blessed with extra energy whether I have one kid or 6. Taking care of a baby certainly doesn’t make me any less so and it tends to show under my eyes. They get dark and certainly puffy. I get the questions are you okay? Are you sick? No, just tired.

Last night we were at the baseball fields late with all the kids.

It was fun but needless to say we were all dragging this morning before school. I figured it was the perfect time to try out these under-eye patches.

I should say, I am not great at being girlie. I am feminine but terribly bad at upkeep and paying attention to detail so I don’t know a lot about different products. I tend to go by the packaging and a prayer. Sometimes I get lucky. I think I have tried patches under the eyes once or twice before and have zero idea what kind they are. So when I was at Target I saw this brand Soap and Glory and it looked cute and bright and thought “sure why not.”

A little bit about the product it is Soap and Glory brand from Target like I said. It is called Puffy Eye Attack Super-Hydrating Under-Eye brightening Hydrogel Patches. Sounds intense I know but I need it. It has cucumber fruit juice extract and something called “puffease technology.” The package was around five bucks and included one pair. I left them on for thirty minutes as the package said to do.

Left side before, right side after. Pardon the messy hair and my apologies to the carpool line at the kids’ school for what they are exposed to daily.

First thing I will say is they stay on really well. The ones I tried before I feel like they were falling off and I had to keep messing with them but these I was able to clean the house with them on securely. Second they made my skin itch just a little but did not burn and these kinds of things and face masks always do. My skin is very sensitive so kudos to that. As far as difference, I don’t know visually I don’t see much maybe it takes a little bit after taking them off for the juices to soak into skin but that seems slight as of now. I do feel it a lot though. My eyes feel less heavy and refreshed and it ain’t a bad feeling at all.

Are there any under eye products that are killer out there I need to know about? I would definitely use this one again and look forward to trying some other products from this brand!