She without a title….

I wasn’t planning this post at all but I wanted to fit it in before I have to go get the kiddos from school so lucky you right?

First things first me and Thomas are not married (pause for gasps). I know alert the church elders it is true. That is another post but we are committed and very much in love, cohabitating and the parents to our little round-headed love child but no not married.

Anyway, I receive two texts from him this morning first one asking if I can make it to a kindergarten graduation ceremony at his son’s school today at one and second saying never mind, his mom and grandma are going to go.

So I thought of his little face (also round) and how excited he would be to see me and baby there so I figured I would still go. I rush around to get out of the house by 12:40, grab the car seat and head out to be the good (Insert title here) I am.

I should have probably known to just stay home then because things started to get rocky. Thomas had last parked the vehicle I was taking in backward so to get to the door I have to walk in what is basically the hoover dam of our yard. One little piece of concrete surrounded by water and mud because oh yea it’s raining. I am carrying baby backpack, baby in car seat and water and ended up dropping water and forcibly having to put down car seat on the hoover dam then trying to figure out out to then open this door with car seat in way and honestly I don’t remember what I figured out. I blacked out and woke up driving (not really) but I did drive to the school.

So we have a suburban for obvious reasons, and it is very large. I am not good at parking large vehicles so I park in the schools tight parking lot, barely make pulling out the car seat slide through the cars just as the rain starts to pour.

Make it into school, get my id i’m waiting in line at the table they have to help get parents in I’m guessing I get up to desk and tell them who I’m there for. Teacher looks at list, (oh yea there was a list) I knew I wasn’t on said list but I waited hopeful. She looks nervous and gets the principal who comes over not knowing what to do.

Guess who had to go to the principal’s office. Me. Standing there awkwardly telling her it was ok as she apologized not knowing what to do. I glance down at the paper they give me….this is not a ceremony this is a lunch. Little man is currently at lunch with his mom and grandma. If I fight this battle to get in I will be sitting at their table and heightening the awkward to level ridiculous.

I gracefully let the principal know that I did not realize what this event was and it would probably be best if I just went home.

So I got back in my tightly parked car, got baby in and headed off where he proceeded to screammmmmmm his head off the entire way. I finally get home frazzled because of all the screaming get out put baby backpack on, grab car seat and proceed to drop brand new phone on wet concrete.

To conclude, I don’t have any cute, happy ways to wrap this story up. I tried I did not succeed and I will continue to try to be there for my kids.

Even if it gets me sent to the principal’s office.