Just Married

Hi guys! If you have read my blog you’ll know I stopped posting a while back and you may not have realized that until right this moment or you’ve been checking to see if there are any new one’s up every day and have been seriously disappointed. I’m going to assume it’s the latter and just move forward.

There are plenty of reasons that it has taken me so long to update. Kids, sports, obligations, schools, gyms, what have you. Truth be told we have just been extremely busy.

I was told yesterday by Thomas that people have asked him about Messybed now whether that is true or not who knows but it did make me realize i’ve missed doing it.

Either way here are some updates…..

Maverick is adorable, chubby and nine months old. I would describe him as the mascot of our family. He keeps things happy, light and truly is a reminder of what we are working toward as a family and a the important things that can get lost in the daily madness.

The kids are still busy as ever doing all the things. Sports, plays, aerials, gymnastics, chorus, band, girl scouts, ALL THE THINGS.

As for me and Thomas we finally tied the knot. After almost two years, a baby, blending households and endless challenges we are now husband and wife and pretty psyched about it.

We did it at the local Magistrate’s office with our friends to witness who were nice enough to come on a very short notice.

The most important thing you need to know about our wedding is this.

I had baby Mav dressed so cute and right before the ceremony he had a serious code brown situation that got all over his cute outfit and had to be hosed down and put in pajamas.

This my friends, sums up our life together.

Seriously though I am very lucky to have Thomas, he has boundless energy, enthusiasm and positivity. He takes great care of me, prioritizes our relationship every single day and loves my children like they are his own. We have very similar backgrounds and the same wants, dreams, goals, priorities and morals when it comes to life and our family. I am so thankful.

He’s also not bad to look at.

I have decided after years of wanting to to get my license in real estate. With the amount of kids we have and our crazy homelife it is really hard for me to go back to work full time. I miss working and being around adults but between the cost of childcare and the time it just doesn’t make sense for us right now. Real estate gives me the opportunity to be working toward something and learn and grow in a way that is more realistic for our schedule and lifestyle.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my little update. I feel like blended families while they can bring a lot of joy has it’s challenges as well and I’d like to share our story as much as I can so people can see that. Please comment or ask questions I look forward to hearing from you!

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