A Little Bit More About Our Passions.

Let me start by saying our number one passion is our kids and family. With that being said we both, being comfortably in our thirties understand the importance of self care and having outlets. It makes us a better couple and better parents and that is good for everyone. As I sit here typing to the sounds of a fussy baby i’ll try to give you some insight into our somewhat unique gyms that we are passionate about. I will do my best to explain his correctly so please bear with me.

A group shot taken after class at Moreno.

Thomas’ passion is Jiu Jitsu. Three of our four son’s participate in it as well and I’m sure the baby will follow suit seeing as how he has already “rolled around on the mats.” I will do my best to give it the credit it deserves. Our family belongs to Moreno Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a local gym here in our town. I say family because as it turns out Jiu Jitsu is a very family oriented sport. Most days that Thomas goes he takes at least a good portion of our kids with him. They are either there playing with their friends or participating in class or open gym. From what I have seen of my two sons it has been a great way for them to learn discipline, self-esteem and physically how to understand and manipulate their bodies which is a hard skill for most adults to learn. There are also a lot of events that go with it including local tournaments which are really exciting especially if you are competitive. With Thomas specifically the sport helped him lose a good amount of weight and gain self esteem as well. Having always been a fighter involved in different styles he decided to join adult classes after bringing his children in. It was an important transitional time in his life after a separation and I believe shaped his new life and the decisions he made for it. He was able to put all his stress into it and it was a healthy outlet for him. He now still holds all that passion for the sport and the people of this gym and makes it a priority for both his physical and mental well being.

Thomas recieving his second place medal at a tournament.
A Friday night open gym at Moreno showing a good mix of adults and kids.
A shot of Thomas and one of his competitors at a tournament.
Thomas helping with class instruction while our boys watch in kids’ class.
Our Sons two of which had competed in the tournament.
A group shot of all our students and instructors that performed or watched one of our showcases at the gym.

Now for my gym. Oh how I love my gym I could sit here and boast about it all day! I belong to an Aerialist gym right across the highway from Moreno called Smash Studios and Fitness. We offer classes in silks, lyra, pole as well as others we feature from time to time like Aerial Yoga, Trapeze, Cube and different apparatuses. I have been here in many facets for almost five years!! This similar to Thomas’ is a very specialized, focused gym and I am obsessed. I have been a student, an instructor, a manager and for a time the owner and I am currently getting my footing back after having our baby. I started curious about their pole fitness classes and it blossomed into me trying everything. I really turned a corner after my separation and subsequent divorce and that was when it really turned into a passion, an escape and an outlet. I myself and many others have blossomed in our gym. I know there are a lot of misunderstandings and questions about this sport. From what I have seen we make it possible for women (mostly) to realize that their bodies are capable of so much more than they thought. The strength this sport builds and the beautiful and feminine shapes it holds transform them and it is a really cool process to watch. It is also the reason I love being a part of it and teaching it. I have also built a family in this gym. A safe place I could go and be myself and make mistakes. I could go and laugh when I needed and cry when I needed. I have made this a priority as well and will continue to until I simply can’t any longer.

A trapeze performance from one of our showcases.
A shot while I was practicing silks at Smash.
A picture from pole class at Smash.

I wanted to make sure and explain these because I feel it makes me and Thomas’ life unique. It adds to the chaos and the balancing act but we both love it so much it is worth it to us. We make our kids fit into it because they are our number one. Also I may be trying his soon so I will be sure to share that experience as well!

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